Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Funny Valentines

So, I'm a little behind. Valentines Day was over a week ago and I'm just now getting around to posting pictures.

Ava loves Valentines Day. It was the first holiday she really understood when she was a baby. This year, we had a special FHE the Monday before that focused on love. We explained that when you love someone you do nice things for them. We obviously likened that to the Savior's love for us. Fast forward to Thursday, we were in the midst of a playdate when Ava's friend's Mama asked, "Ava, do you know what we celebrate on Valentine's Day?" Ava replies, "Jesus' birthday." I look at her a little perplexed and say, "Remember, honey, Christmas is when we celbrate Jesus' birthday." My very smart, very adament little girl answers, "Yes, Mommy. But Valentine's Day is when we show love. Jesus was born to show us he loves us." I STAND CORRECTED.

Wednesday, Ava got to bypass Quiet Time to do some V-Day crafts with Mama. Here's the outcome:

She's quite the little arteest. Now, don't think we left Jax out of the lovefest. As soon as he woke up, here's what Ava and I did to him:

I'm sure if he could talk he'd be saying, "Mom, get this freakin' thing off my head."

Andy and I went to dinner Friday night. We decided in a meat market town like Provo, Valentine's Day was bound to be a busy night at all the good restaurants, so we celebrated on the 13th. Uncle Dusty babysat. Being babysat by UD is one of Ava's favorite things, but to sweeten the deal we surprised her with popcorn and "The Sword and the Stone" to enjoy while we were out. Apparently, popcorn takes precedence over Mommy & Daddy, because she couldn't wait to get us out of the house so she could enjoy her treat and movie.

Can you believe this is our 7th Valentine's Day together (six married, one dating)?!

And finally, Valentine's morning we surprised the kids with balloons (their favorite) and Ava and I made pink pancakes (her favorite). She LOOOOVES to help me in the kitchen, I love that time together. But, to be honest, I fear the child is going to get worms or some sort of stomach illness from all the raw batter and dough she consumes. Every time I turn my back she's shoveling it in to her mouth.

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eckleinman said...

Don't worry about Ava eating batter. She'll be fine, in fact, she will probably have a better immune system than all those other kids whose parents slather them with that hand sanitizer that really does nothing but move pathogens around on your skin. BTW, did you know that 90% of eggs are contaminated with Salmonella? You do now...