Sunday, February 8, 2009

Standing Man

Jax enjoys every moment of his newfound mobility. It's hasn't taken him long to learn that he can follow me around the house, follow Ava around the house, get into the trash, pull the cord out of Daddy's laptop, take the shoes out of the shoe basket, take the diapers out of the diaper basket, take the DVDs out of the DVD basket and most importantly, see the world from a completely different perspective -- standing. So, now the little mancub pulls himself up to stand on whatever and wherever possible. Most recently, he's especially drawn to the stairs, which, I'm pretty sure, makes my heart beat irregularly. He is actually surprisingly sturdy while standing, however, he hasn't quite learned yet the most effective (and safest) way to go from standing to sitting or crawling. He just kinda lets go, stiffens up and falls backward right onto his padded (diaper and chub) booty, again, nearly making his Mama's heart burst out of her chest. Before we know it he'll be walking and then I'm really in for it. I'm pretty sure doctors should just fit me for my pacemaker now because I can tell this one is going to be fearless.

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