Monday, March 16, 2009

Ava's Wonderland Birthday Party

Ava is in a princess phase. So naturally, I assumed she would want a princess-themed 3rd birthday party. However, I was pleasantly surprised when she announced she'd be celebrating "Alice in Wonderland" style. She, of course, wanted to dress up like Alice and fortunately, I got a great deal on a costume at the Disney Store (we should really be the store's spokesfamily). I surprised her with the dress Saturday morning just a few minutes before her guests began arriving. From that point on, she was no longer Ava. She would only answer to Alice and corrected us if we forgot and called her by her given name.

The party was such a fun little get-together. Ava's, I mean, Alice's four little friends -- Dylan, Ethan, Rachel and Shaylani came over, along with G-Ma & G-Pa (who surprised her Friday morning) and Uncle Dusty. We played games (pin the smile on the Cheshire Cat... Ava and Shay got it right on the dot!), made Mad Hatter hats, danced, had a tea party (cream cheese and jelly sandwiches, vegetables, strawberries and punch)

Pin the smile on the Cheshire Cat

Making Mad Hatter Hats

and then, of course, finished the gala off with a cake (chocolate, of course) and ice cream. Ava, er, Alice was bouncing off the walls all day... partly due to all the fun, but mainly from all the sugar. I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to detox her after this week. I guess it's only one week a year.

As for gifts... Alice made out like a bandit. G-Ma & G-Pa gave her Bendaroos, basically wax covered strings in a variety of colors, that you bend and twist to make fun shapes, crowns, glasses, animals, etc. Ava (aka Alice) saw them on a commercial one morning while watching "Olivia" and hasn't stopped talking about them since. When she opened the gift, she had the cutest look of shock on her face and declared, "Bendaroos! These are just what I have been wishing for my whole entire life." Three years of wishing... that's a whole lotta wishing. Shay and Ethan both gave AvaAlice these adorable wooden dress-up dolls with magnetic clothes. They have gotten the most playtime since Saturday. AliceAvaGrace plays with them when she wakes up, after breakfast and again before bed. She LOOOOVES them!!! One is a ballerina, the other a regular little girl. She calls them "First Ava" and "Second Ava." Thanks to Dylan, Ava-Alice has a new favorite book -- "Pickle Chiffon Pie." It is an older book, but absolutely adorable. She asked me to read it to her four times Saturday, several more Sunday and spent her "quiet times" looking through it. Too cute! And finally, just in time for the nice weather we've been enjoying, Rachel gave the birthday girl a bucket of sidewalk chalk. So fun!

Bendaroo glasses

So, it was super fun day! And the party isn't over. Tomorrow (March 17th) is Ava's real birthday, so we'll be having a little family celebration -- pink pancakes, presents, Taco Tuesday, dessert and whatever else the little princess would like.

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Joni said...

Loved the party! Thanks for the invite. Ethan loved the Dancing Game and is wearing his Mad Hatter Hat right now!