Tuesday, March 24, 2009

When it Rains it Pours!

Poor Ava! Her week of birthday celebrations has been followed by pink eye (in both eyes), a double ear infection and now an allergic reaction to her ear infection medication. Does it get worse than that?

Fortunately, the pink eye is gone. Thank goodness! I plan to spend tomorrow "bathing" toys in bleach and scrubbing the house with Lysol. Pink eye is an ugly, wretched thing. Ava had goop coming out of her eyes, but for her, the worst part was not being able to play with her baby brother. She loves to tickle and tackle him, and for several days, she simply couldn't. I think Jax missed playing with her too. Fortunately, Andy, Jax and I avoided infection (thank goodness!).

Now, all that's left is the double ear infection. I thought we were on the up and up with that as well, Ava hasn't been complaining of ear pain at all. However, tonight she woke up just screaming. I, of course, raced into her room. She asked me to hold her because her ankle hurt. I assumed it was just growing pains as she's going through a growth spurt. But, as I rubbed her back I felt bumps everywhere. So, I turned on the lights to see my little girl COVERED in hives and red blotches. Ugh, broke my heart!

So, I called the doctor... well, because it seemed like the thing to do. The on-call nurse told me it's likely an allergic reaction to Amoxicillin (ear infection med) that is just now manifesting itself -- even though she's a few days into her dosage and has had it before. Apparently, I likely gave her the allergy. I'm allergic to Augmentin and Ceclor (as is my younger brother) -- both contain penicillin, as does Amoxicillin. So, I made a late night run to Walgreens (or Eyegreens as Ava calls it because that's where we got her eye medicine) to get Benadryl and Calamine. Ava requested Bubblegum flavored Benadryl and loved helping dab "the pink stuff"(Calamine) all over her body.

I just really hope this is the end of it. Poor thing has definitely taken some hits this week. I just pray this will pass quickly and she'll be well and back to her happy, normal self.

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