Monday, March 2, 2009

So, there was this Pothead and a Streetwalker

Do I have you hooked with that title? Not quite what you think, but hilarious... and actually a little cute. Read on...

Ava says the darndest things. As of late, she loves describing herself by her current actions. For example, when she spins she is "Spinny Spinnerson," while dancing around the living room she's a self-described "Booty-Shaker" when tooting, she's "Tooter Macgruder"... you get it? So, Sunday morning as we prepared for church Ava played down in the kitchen with Uncle Eric and his fiancee Karly who were in town for the weekend. As always, her kitchen toys were downstairs rather than upstairs with her kitchen, but that's a whole different blog subject. Anyway, at one point, while attempting to make Jax laugh Ava took a pot, stuck it on her noggin and exclaimed "POTHEAD!!" We all couldn't stop laughing. Oh, but that's just the beginning.

We are blessed to live just two blocks from our chapel. So, when weather permits we take a nice little family walk to church. Our walk is peppered with strips of grass along the sidewalk. When Ava walks on the grass Andy calls her a "Grasswalker," on the sidewalk she's a "sidewalker." While crossing the parking lot Ava loudly proclaimed "STREETWALKER!" Again, so much laughter.

Ahhh, innocence can be so funny! I can't wait to embarrass her with this story when she's older :)

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