Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Ava!!!

The original Squishy is three today! WOW! We had a wonderfully busy day, beginning with a 7:30 wake-up followed by opening presents, playing with said presents, eating pink pancakes, playing with presents some more, and then heading to Dylan's for fun in the sandbox, bubbles and a picnic. Later in the day, Ava's little buddy Ethan came over with a sweet little surprise: a Happy Birthday lollipop. After enjoying the sugary, sticky goodness, the kids played in the backyard for a while. The festivities continued this evening with Taco Tuesday with Ava, Mama, Daddy, Jax, Uncle Dusty and SURPRISE! Uncles Curtis, Aunt Courtney and Cousin Nathan who are in Utah for a few days. Ava topped the evening off with birthday brownies and ice cream, a visit from Sister Carmen, playing with Nate and checking out the car Uncle Dusty is building at school. To say the least, she conked out tonight!

Mmmm.... sugar!!

Such a little ham!

So, Ava Grace is three!!! It's is such a milestone in so many ways--- the first being, well, she's three. That's halfway between being a toddler and a kindergartner. My goodness!

Dressed up in the Cinderella tutu Mama made

Secondly, for Ava, being three means no more sucking her fingers. It's a habit she adopted at just a few months old. We've been encouraging her for the past few months to ditch the habit, but after failed attempts compromised with her, deciding that three meant an end to the sucking (and possibly the calluses on her fingers). So far, so good. I only had to remind her once today and she didn't even resist. Hallelujah!

Three also means Ava gets to hold one more finger up when people ask her her age. Today, at the grocery store the cashier inquired Ava's age (as they always do), Ava immediately held up two fingers but then, realizing that was no longer correct, threw one more finger up there... along with a proud big girl smile.

Check out the cheesy smile! Gotta love it!!!

Ava also informed me today that now that she's three she can ride a scooter, drive a car, eat two brownies and boss Jax. So, apparently, three comes with a whole new attitude too! :)

And lastly, this day is obviously exciting for Ava, but it is extra special for me. It was on this day three years ago that I realized my purpose in life -- to be a mama.

Just three days old

Three years ago, a tiny little girl changed my life in such an enormous way. I have been blessed to enjoy three years of giggles, dimpled smiles, bear hugs and "this lip" kisses. I have watched my baby girl go from a teeny tiny person, to a roly-poly baby, to a busy toddler, to a smart, sassy, sweet little girl/big sister. I don't think it can get better than this, but I know it will.


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