Saturday, January 30, 2010

Scrumptious Success

Today was it -- BAKE SALE DAY! After spending yesterday elbow deep in chocolate, batter and cookies we were excited for today to finally arrive.

We started the bake sale at 9a.m. with two long tables full of baked goods. I am so impressed by the families in our ward who donated their time and their baking skills for this cause! Really, these tables were full, so full as a matter of fact, that we had to put some of the items off to the side until we had room for them. It's a good thing too because the flow of traffic to our little bake sale stayed pretty consistent the entire time we were out there! In the end, we raised $313.25 for the church's relief efforts in Haiti. Not too shabby when you consider we were selling items for only 50 cents a piece.
Satisfied customers -- the kids' buddies Noah and Max (I love all the chocolate on Max's face!)

Ava and her cousin Annmarie (Andy's cousin Candace's daughter) bringing in the traffic

Ava, Jess and me near the end of the bake sale

I am so humbled by this experience. I know it was "just" a bake sale, but it felt so wonderful to give my time to raise money for people in need. I have had trials in my life, but I have never been violently torn from my home by a natural disaster, separated from my family and left wondering if they're still alive. I have never had to withstand such a tragedy and I doubt I ever will. I feel so blessed to live in this country and to enjoy the every day comforts given me. I'm grateful for the wonderful people who stopped by our little bake sale, some of whom would buy a few dollars worth of treats, hand us a $10 or a $20 and tell us to keep the change. I'm grateful for everyone who baked, helped set up and held signs, because while it may not seem like much it was a great help! I'm thankful for my good friend, Jessica who helped me plan this whole shindig! She made signs and announcements, and sacrificed a Saturday with her family as she helped set up/clean up and everything in between! But most of all, I'm grateful for my little Ava. It was her desire to help the people of Haiti that sparked the bake sale. It was an almost four-year-old little girl who inspired me to take action. I'm pretty amazed by her!

What an amazing experience! I'm excited to put all this money in an envelope so Ava can give it to our Bishop tomorrow. From there, he'll send it where it needs to go to ensure it makes it to Haiti. My heart is so full right now!


Joni said...

Way to go guys...I wish we lived just a little closer so we could have helped out today...You are amazing!

Brian and Janette said...

A neat experience for sure! Good for you!

Jarvis Family said...

Thank YOU Bekah and Ava. You made it all happen and we are so glad we could be a little part of it. Noah and Max thought it was great to help out and even greater to eat rolo cookies and cupcakes before 10 am. I am way impressed!