Tuesday, March 16, 2010


These kids of mine are dino-crazy! They play dinosaurs, they talk about dinosaurs, they watch "Dinosaur Train," they "roar" when they're angry, they sing dino songs. I'm tellin' you, dino-obsessed! I've been wanting to take then to the BYU paleontology musuem for quite some time, but for some reason we never make it in. However, after taking Andy to school one day last week we decided to stop in. Soooo glad we did!
This cute little museum was just perfect for Ava and Jax -- hands-on exhibits, lots of fossils, gems and minerals and views of actual paleontologists working on casting bones.

Allosaurus -- Utah's official state fossil

This is what happens when I try to get them to look at the camera by asking, "where's the red light?"

Fossilized dino poop

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