Sunday, March 7, 2010

Splish Splash

My friend Jaime was in town this week with her two kids, Joey and Brooke (Ava and Jax's respective future spouses). We stayed busy, the kids had a blast, but it all went way too fast! Jax still wakes up every morning asking for "Brookie" and Ava has told me every day since they left that she misses Joey.

The kids have known each other since Ava was just nine months old, and as is custom for Jaime and me, we had to get some embarrassing pics of the kids in the bath. We have plenty from when Ava and Joey were a little younger (let's face it, putting them in the bath together now would be just weird), so this time it was Jax and Brooke's turn!

How awesome is Brookie's hair? It had been in pigtails all day and when Jaime took it out it got all poofy, a la Krusty the Klown!

Since Ava began taking showers several months ago, I think Jax has missed having a bathtime playmate, so he was ecstatic when Brookie came in. I'm not sure she felt the same way.

After a while, she warmed up.

Fun time, clean kids... what more could you ask for?

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Rob and Sara said...

I love Jax's laugh. So dang cute!