Friday, March 19, 2010

Girly Fun

Ava's whole life has been surrounded by boys. All my closest friends with kids her age have boys. There's nothing wrong with that. She loves her buddies, but has been longing for girl friends. Well, ask and you shall receive. Ava has become quite close with a little girl from her dance class, A.J. They are only three months apart and get along like peas and carrots. At dance, they stand next to each other, they are always partners, they wait for each other while changing shoes, the hug each other when it's time to leave. It's really very sweet. It helps that A.J.'s mom and I have become pretty good friends too. Anyway, during a playdate at our house, the girls got their fill of girliness, playing make-up, dress-up, princesses and performing with Ava's microphone. Both repeatedly exclaimed what fun they were having.

They even let Jax get in on the dress-up fun!
After A.J. left Ava became sad and told me she was really going to miss A.J. when we moved to Mississippi. Leaving her little friend has been a big concern for our little girl. Brittany says A.J. talks about it often also, which has sent her into tears a few times. It's so sad, yet so sweet. We've assured the girls that they will keep in touch via Skype and can even be penpals. But until that time comes, we'll make sure they get as much play time together as possible!

Brittany (A.J.'s mom) and I recently signed the girls up for soccer and were sure to get them on the same team. I'm excited to see our tiny dancers on the soccer field, because if they're as chatty as they are in dance, I'm not sure just how much soccer they'll be playing :)

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Penny said...

That's so cute! I just love her hair!