Monday, March 8, 2010

Poor, Poor Ducks

Our weather has been so fickle lately. One day we'll enjoy sunshine skies and outside weather, later in the same day it's snowing. This week alone, our highs range from the low 30's to the mid 50's. Mississippi is sounding better and better each day -- Vicksburg enjoyed 60's and 70's this week. Anyway, on one of our "warmer" days I thought it best to quickly get the kids dressed and rush off to the duck pond, before Mother Nature changed her mind.

First off, check out how stylin' our little Wildkitten's are in their UofA good luck gear (which I might add, worked!).

These poor, poor ducks, they've been forced to suffer through this ridiculously long winter just like us non-quacking folk. As soon as the kids walked up and began reaching for the bread, the ducks went crazy, quacking uncontrollably and surrounding my children. I wasn't sure if I should take out a camera, or a stick. Obviously, I opted for the camera.

Once the hungry little fiends devoured all our bread Jax and Ava saw it fit to help the duckies work off all the extra calories and proceeded to chase them.

This lasted a good 20 minutes -- that's a whole lotta entertainment. But, the fun came to a screeching halt when I caught glimpse of Jax who, after army-crawling after a duck, was looking at his hand in disgust. I, of course, immediately zeroed-in on the glob of green goo oozing from his paw and before panicking thought to myself, "Of course this happened to Jax." So, I picked him up and held him very far away from me, because that's how you hold contaminated objects, and quickly wrangled a very unhappy big sister. We ran to the car, I busted out the wipes and began rubbing those grubby little hands until there were no visible signs of feces. Then, I doused them with hand sanitizer, in the same way a pyro douses with gasoline. I wasn't taking any chances. I figured this would hold him over until we got home and I could get his hands in the sink.
Jax, surprisingly didn't care about the duck poop. As a matter of fact, he's had fun telling people that he got to feed the duckies and that he had "duckie. poop. my. hand." Hopefully, the weather will straighten up and we'll make another trip to the pond soon... and with plenty of wipes and hand sanitizer in tow.

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Jarvis Family said...

I love that story. Happens to us EVERY time we go there. That's why we don't go there as much anymore :-)