Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Real Princess

I just had to post this. After years, seriously YEARS, of wearing her crown across her forehead and years of said crown leaving impressions in said forehead, Ava has finally progressed... or at least her crown has. As of last week, she became a crown-on-her-head-where-it-belongs type of girl. That's right, no more dents in her head. The move came out of necessity after Ava (wearing her crown on her forehead) and one her friends bumped heads. The force of the bonk coupled with the crown against her bare skin actually cut Ava's forehead. From then on, the crown went on top of her head. I asked Ava if she was okay with the new placement of her crown and she replied, "Yes, because now that I'm four I can be a real princess, and real princesses wear their crowns on the top." There you have it, the official crown placement rules from a self-proclaimed official princess.

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