Sunday, June 20, 2010

For Papa Bear

Our kids are crazy about their Daddy. Don't let him tell you otherwise. Sure, they're definitely attached to me, but when it comes to fun and giggles, Daddy is their man. He's the master at hide 'n' seek, sometimes scaling walls just to get out of view. He love, love, loves to tickle them, just as much as they love to try to hide from thet tickle monster (yet somehow always allow themselves to get caught). He teaches them silly (sometimes inappropriate... thanks Ralphie) songs and the joys of potty humor. There's not a better storyteller out there, at least not one who can somehow always include Princess Ava, Prince Jax, all the Disney Princesses and Shrek in a story... and still have it make sense. He sometimes sneaks in a few extra minutes of TV time for them, something they NEVER get from Mommy. He's calm and comforting and always speaks to our children with love and respect.

This is Andy's FOURTH Father's Day. This one was especially fun for me to prepare for because the kids bother understood what was going on, and were excited to keep our Father's Day plans a secret. Although, Ava tells me Jax spilled the beans last night. If he did, Andy never let on. Just another reason why I love him.

Ava joined the Primary kids in singing at church this morning, she had a great big grin on her face through the entire song. So did Andy. He's always loved our kids dearly, but each day, as they grow older I can see his love for them multiply -- and theirs for him. And I never knew how much my love for him would evolve and grow when he became a Daddy. It's no wonder families are central to our Heavenly Father's plan!

Happy Father's Day, my love! Thanks for blessing me with two precious little monsters, and thanks for blessing them with an amazing Daddy. We love you!!!

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