Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Work in Progress

Poor Ava. All our boxes arrived last week and for some reason, the movers put all the miscellanous boxes (the ones not clearly labeled) into her room... right in front of the boxes clearly labled "GIRL TOYS." After seeing her brother's room get completely unpacked and his toys all available to him she broke down in tears, "Mommy, can you please try to find my princesses?" Of course I could. She's been so wonderful during this whole process and extremely patient. So, I found her princesses. A happier girl there's never been. In the process I was also able to move boxes into their appropriate rooms and begin working on Ava's. However, in my rush to get her room in order I overlooked one major detail: a bookshelf. We didn't have one. In Utah, her bookshelf was built into her closet. Here, we had nothing. And if there's one thing Ava has a lot of, it's books. As a matter of fact, there were FOUR boxes labeled "GIRL ROOM BOOKS." So, we were on a mission to get a bookshelf. I had this grand plan -- I'd go to a second-hand store, find a cheapy bookshelf and re-do it (as I love to do) and all would be good. Here's the problem, there are only two thrift stores in our town and neither has much of a selection. So, we went to Wal-Mart planning to just get a simple white shelf... which, it turns out, Wally World did not have. So, we got a brown one. However, there was no way I was putting a brown wood bookshelf in my daughter's white, pink and green room. So, I spent several hours one night and a few the next morning to create this:

I incorporated some of the fabrics I'm using around her room into the shelf.

While I was feeling crafty I also came up with this little hair bow holder.

Easy peasy.

All of the rooms are still works in progress. As a matter of fact, Ava still doesn't even have a bed. She outgrew her toddler bed, so we promised her a twin bed when we moved here. However, with our house still in boxes it just isn't convenient, so for the meantime she's sleeping on a blow-up mattres, which she thinks is pretty cool. We're hoping by next weekend we'll have her bed up and I'll be able to start getting vinyl on the walls. I'll be sure to post more pictures as the rooms come along.

P.S. Just thought I'd add that I counted Ava's books as I put them on her shelves (there's a bunch on a smaller shelf in her closet, also) and she has 260 books. That's a lot of books for one little girl, and doesn't include all the books she handed down to her brother when we moved. Good thing she's learning to read!


Rob and Sara said...

Love the bookshelf! It is super cute. Good work! Hope you're done unpacking soon. Moving is the worst and I haven't done it even half as many times as you guys. I feel for ya!

Cat and Blake Potter said...

very cute!!! The bookshelf looks great! Im glad to hear you're getting settled in well :)

Joni said...

I wish I had such a wonderful bookshelf...maybe when Avery is ready!