Saturday, June 5, 2010

Birthday Celebration

This post is a week overdue. But, our stuff FINALLY came this week (HOORAY!) so time I might otherwise spend blogging and updating you on our oh-so-fabulous and exciting life, I've spent unpacking. It's a huge undertaking for one person, but thus far I have Jax's room and the kitchen done, Ava's room about halfway unpacked and made a little progress on our room. I'm hoping this weekend we can atleast get Ava's room done.

Anyway, Jax's birthday was the first our little family got to celebrate in our new home. Before Daddy went to work we gave Jax his first present -- a monster truck, of course. He calls it "my new one monster truck" and has slept with it every night since his birthday. Later in the day the kids got two packages, one from G-Ma & G-Pa and one from the kids' best buddy Ethan and his sister Avery. G-Ma & G-Pa sent the kids Ice Age 2 and 3 which we've watched the last two Friday Night Movie Nights, and Ethan and Avery sent Jax a travel-sized Hungry, Hungry Hippos game and a little princess scene for Ava. We played Hungry, Hungry Hippos for atleast an hour that afternoon and several times since. It's perfect for Jax since he has a hard time operating the full-sized Hungry Hippos.

We had every intention of going swimming, but it rained on our plans. Instead, we stayed home, played monster trucks, read books and colored (at this point, our things still weren't here). When Daddy got home we enjoyed some of Jax's favorite things, pizza and watermelon, then washed it all down with chocolate cake and ice cream! I think the kids liked it:

So did Andy.

We had a great day just hanging out together. The only person missing was Uncle Dusty. For the last two years we've celebrated each of our birthdays with Uncle Dusty, so I think the kids were half expecting to hear his special knock at the door and for him to come celebrate with us at our new home. Ava suggested we send him a piece of chocolate cake, but decided maybe just sending him a picture of it would be better.
Jax excitedly told us all day, "It's my birthday!" "I'm the birthday boy!" He insisted he was four like Ava, but eventually caved and settled on being two. Thank goodness, I can't let him grow up too fast.

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