Monday, June 7, 2010

Let's Get Physical

Our family has set a new goal. It's not a big one, but an important one: 30 minutes of family exercise a day. This is, of course, just a minimum and is in addition to mine and Andy's regular workouts. But, we thought it important to teach the kids about being healthy and taking care of our bodies. Our physical activity isn't necessarily us all running for 30 minutes or, making the kids do exercise DVD's. Nothing like that. It's fun time where we go outside, spend time together and get our hearts pumping -- whether swimming, walking, riding bikes or having races in the grass.

The kids have waited patiently for their bikes to arrive. They were without them for three whole weeks. When our belongings arrived six days ago, the first thing Jax asked the movers for was his trike. The guys were so smitten with our adorable little dude that they dug through the truck to find his trike. So nice!

For family physical time the other night, we took the kids out for a ride on their bikes/trikes/motorcycles. They rode while I Andy and I chased them. They thought it was HILARIOUS to have us running after them and loved changing directions to "trick" us or ride in circles to make us "dizzy." Jax even hopped off his motorcycle for a while to run after his sister.

Ava wore this costume the entire day and was not interested in taking it off to ride her bike.

We love our new family goal! Of course, it will help keep us healthy, but most importantly it gives us some quality time together that we can look forward to each day.
Check out Jax's sweaty helmet hair.

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Laun and Catherine said...

That is a great goal! I hope all is well.