Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Very Best of Friends

I just stole this photo from my friend Joni's blog. I couldn't resist, it's too cute!

This is one of the very last picture we have of the Four Musketeers together! It was taken on the steps of our friends' house after doing a fun craft together. The night before we left, our friends graciously allowed us to stay at their house for our final playdate and a sleepover (Joni took us to the airport the next morning). It was funny, but after the kids were all in bed and Joni and I sat in her living room we realized it may have been the first time in our 18-month friendship that we had un-interrupted chat time together.

The morning was a tough one for all of us, none of the kids were very happy about moving (okay, I'll admit, the grown-ups shed a few tears too). Ava and Jax are already looking forward to visiting our their very best buddies... someday. Until then, we'll keep in touch via phone, e-mail and Skype. I have a feeling these kids (and Mamas) are going to be great friends for a very looooong time!

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