Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Bedtime Battle

How do little boys know how to make gun noises and throw balls rocket-fast and wield swords without anyone teaching them to do so? Boys just come with an innate ability to be soldiers and trucks, daredevils and knights in shining armor. Even at 19 months, Jax is such a boy. Tonight as we got the kids ready for bed he found Ava's plastic sword and began waving it around making this noise as he did it, you know, like a sword slicing through the air really fast. From there, he moved on to impaling his dad and growling at him victoriously with each attack. Ava, seeing what fun her brother was having quickly grabbed her pink light saber, and well an epic bedtime battle began.

First they both just waved the swords at each other, then discovered what fun it was to clink them together, then they lightly tagged each other with them, which turned into Ava accidentally whacking her brother in the head... of which I just happened to catch a picture.

Jax, being the gentleman he is, slowly placed the sword down rather than seeking vengeance and knocking his sister's block off. As I consoled our little knight, Ava grabbed the sword handed it to Andy and said, "Daddy, since Jax is dead you can have his sword." Apparently, she knows a little more about midieval history than presumed. Jax didn't seem to mind, he moved on to lining up trains...

while his sister continued to poke him with the sword.

If this really were midieval times, I wonder which of our children would be the white knight and which would be the dark knight.... hmmmmm....

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Brian and Janette said...

I am also amazed at the sounds that little boys just somehow know how to make with swords, trucks and play fighting. Nature vs. Nurture? Nature is definitely winning in the sound making least at our household.