Thursday, January 7, 2010

Biker Chick

Our little girl is getting big... fast!

All Ava wanted for Christmas was a Disney Princess Bike. I think she began asking for it back in July. Since her knees hit the handlebar of her trike when she peddled, Andy and I thought it about time to graduate to a two-wheeler (with training wheels). Because we spent Christmas in Arizona, Santa left the bike under our tree back home. The jolly old elf had the foresight to recognize there was no way we'd be able to fit it in our car on the drive home. He really does know everything. So, Christmas morning, Ava got her helmet and an e-mail from Santa explaining the bike situation, along with a picture of her brand new wheels. She couldn't stop talking about it the rest of the trip home and made me promise she could ride it when we returned to Utah, no matter the time. However, the little miss was conked out long before we pulled into our driveway, so first thing the next morning, she strapped on her new helmet and hopped aboard the "Ava Express" (as she calls it).

Her very first ride on her new bike!

Because of all the snow on the ground, she had to take the bike for a spin around our kitchen and living room, but didn't seem to mind. The first few go-rounds were a little rocky. She was sure she was going to fall off. But, after a few tries and some encouraging words from Mommy and Daddy, she was off. And now, she speeds through the house. She even suffered her first "biff" yesterday after turning too fast around the corner. But, the determined little girl hopped right back on!

We still have yet to go for a ride outside. The first few days, there was too much snow. The next few, too much ice. When I finally saw the church parking lot was clear, I promised we'd go the following day -- but then it rained. Yesterday, we had to run errands. Today, we had to clean. So, tomorrow, Ava will take her very first bike on it's inaugural tour around the church parking lot. Jax, will hitch a ride on her old tricycle (which has a handle which allows me to push him). I just wonder how I'm going to take pictures? hmmm....

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