Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Hawk

Poor Jax. Poor, poor Jax. The kids is adorable, absolutely adorable but he has a mom who is always saying, "Wouldn't it be cute if..." As in, wouldn't it be cute IF I made him wear this goofy hat. Or wouldn't it be cute IF I gave him a spoonful of peanut butter just so he can smear it all over himself and I can get a good photo? I'm not saying I've done that... okay, I have. Totally NOT worth the clean-up. Anyway, at night as I get Jax ready for bed, we wash his hands and face which always includes me putting water in his hair and styling it in strange ways. Sometimes he has spikes, sometimes I slick it back, but mostly I put it in a mohawk. Well, one night, Jax decided he liked the mohawk so much he ran in and showed Daddy. Andy laughed and declared how cute it was, Ava called him "Fire Baby" (because his hair looked like fire) and he was sold on the mohawk. The next day, when I told him it was time to do his hair pointed to his head and said, "HAWK!" How could I deny him spiky hair when he asked like that? He was so proud of his "hawk" that he made us all touch it -- walking up to each of us, putting his head down and ramming his hawk into our hands. The kid is cute no matter the hairstyle, but I gotta admit, I'm a fan of THE HAWK!

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