Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Going Backward

I am way behind in my blogging duties. And to be honest, I'm still not quite motivated enough to post the gazillion Christmas photos we took. So, I'm going to go backward. Rather than starting my blogging marathon with "What We Did On Our Christmas Vacation" I'll start with our most recent excursion first.

Andy left for Mississippi Sunday morning, but before he did we had grand intentions of taking the kids out for an exciting day. So, Andy, being the techno-goof he is decided to make use of our GPS outside of the car and go geo-caching. For those who don't know what it is, basically, it's a giant treasure hunt (exactly how I explained it to the kids). People have left little trinkets and boxes at various locations all over the world, they then enter the coordinates of said treasure on a geo-caching website and goofballs like us go searching for them. Most of the "treasures" just include a piece of paper with the names of people who found it, but we were excited to add our names to a list. Andy found a few at our favorite park, so we bundled up the kids (did I mention there was 7" of snow on the ground?) and armed with our GPS and grandiose intentions, went on our very first geo-caching adventure.

Can you guess who chose Ava's outfit?

I don't think we realized just how difficult the snow would make our undertaking which, looking back, was pretty naive of us. We must have been blinded by the visions of uncovering some sort of buried treasure or something. Anyway, after a good half hour of searching and Andy willingly nearing frostbite (he dug through the snow with his bare hands) we finally abandoned our journey and decided geo-caching to be an activity better suited for the warmer months.

Figuring out where the heck we're supposed to go...

However, we weren't going to throw in the towel on our family outing, instead we gloved up and began work constructing the lone snowman (whom Ava named Ella) at the park.

As we left the park, I told the kids to tell Ella bye-bye. Ava went over, petted Ella and said her goodbyes. Jax walked up to Ella, said "bye-bye" then announced "HUG!" as he did just that! That's just sweet enough to melt any snowman!

We may not have found a treasure, but I treasure every moment spent together as a family!

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