Sunday, January 10, 2010


I'm a sucker! Every year, I give in to commercialism and buy Ava a pretty new Christmas dress. Does she need it? NO! Does she have a gazillion other dresses? YES! But, there's just something about a fancy new Christmas dress that I just love. I smile when I see Ava touch it and stroke it delicately as it sits on a hanger, or the way she dances in front of the mirror once it's on, or spins for Daddy as he tells her just how beautiful she looks. She's always adorable, but I especially love her in a Christmas dress. And while Jax doesn't twirl around or admire himself in the mirror, I gotta say he looked pretty darn handsome in the outfit G-Ma bought him this year. He loved his little jacket and kept pointing to it saying, "Daddy!" because Daddy has one too. Here's my fancy little kiddos who, I might add, are just as cute in play clothes and lunch all over their faces!

(I should add that Jax was not at all interested in having his picture taken and was pretty annoyed that I made him close his dump truck book so he could pose with his sister).